What is Sparkmesh?

Sparkmesh is a better way to keep up with your favorite artists online. The site's initial focus is on music, but we plan to support other categories of creators in the future, such as writers, comedians, visual artists, and streamers.

How does following artists work on Sparkmesh?

Follow your artists (
) to effortlessly keep up to date with what they're doing. You can also quickly import all of the artists you are following from Spotify, YouTube, and/or Facebook.

  • Sparkmesh will automatically scan the major music streaming sites every day for new releases from any artist with at least one follower.

  • Sparkmesh will also scan the major ticketing sites every few days for new events for any artist with at least one follower. We hope to update this to once a day in the near future, in consultation with the major ticketing services.

  • Sparkmesh will also notify you of any local events and links to recordings and performances that are manually submitted by fans, artists, and managers.

  • You can get updates either by checking your My Artists feed or via daily or weekly email updates.

How do artist pages work on Sparkmesh?

Collaborate with fans to build a comprehensive career page for your favorite artists.

  • Fans and artists can manually submit links to new releases, recordings, and performances and they'll be added to the artist's page and broadcast to all of their followers.

  • All of Sparkmesh's automatically scanned results are displayed on an artist's page. Approved users can edit any errors from the automatic scanning by clicking the dropdown next to artist names.

  • Artist pages can be sorted by date, what's new on the site, what's hot, and title. They can also be filtered by site, content type, date, and newness, to help you find the content you're interested in quickly.

How do the charts work on Sparkmesh?

The top 200 chart is a reflection of the most popular links on US iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify. Additional services will be integrated in the future. Each of the charts is updated daily.

What sites does Sparkmesh scan automatically?

Sparkmesh automatically scans Archive.org, iTunes, Napster, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube for new releases from any artist with at least one registered follower. However, fans must add YouTube and Soundcloud accounts to an artist's page for automated scanning. Sparkmesh also automatically scans Ticketfly and Ticketmaster and parter site for new events. We hope to add additional services in the future.

Why not just follow artists on Facebook or Twitter?

Social media sites play several extremely important roles on the web, but they're not very convenient as a way to keep up with artists. Announcements tend to get lost in the flood on Twitter and algorithmically hidden from you on Facebook. It's particularly tough to catch up if you miss a few days. Sparkmesh ensures you see all of the new releases coming out from your favorite creators.

Why not just search YouTube or Google?

Searching works well if you just want to find a couple of releases from an artist to check them out. (Although you can do that just as fast on Sparkmesh!) But many new releases tend to be hidden from searches on these sites, particularly things like live performances, interviews, and behind the scenes videos. It takes a lot of effort to dig up all of an artist's new releases and archival material by searching. Sparkmesh presents you with a comprehensive, real-time archive of everything released by your favorite creators.

Why not check a fan forum?

Fan forums are a great place to discuss your favorite artists, but plenty of artists don't have a dedicated forum, or one active enough to catch all of their new releases. The design of forums also requires a lot of digging to track down an artist's older works - if the forum threads are still there! Sparkmesh lets you quickly scroll through all of the works created over an artist's career, with a streamlined, single-page interface. It's also much faster for artists you want to keep tabs on, but don't have the time to discuss every day.

Why not search for the artist on a streaming service?

Streaming services are a great place to listen to new releases from your favorite artists, but they generally don't carry many content types other than albums and single audio tracks. Sparkmesh covers all of the content types posted on all legitimate host sites around the web.

For Artists

You've Got The Talent. We've Got The Fans.

Sparkmesh is a better home for artists like you on the web. You can easily keep your fans up to date, as every new link you post is shared with your followers both via feed and email. You can also compile everything you've done in your career with the help of your fans. Sparkmesh will give you greater freedom to choose where, when and how your works are presented and compensated.

In the music industry's recent discussions with the US Copyright Board, they indicated a strong need for a fast, usable public database of every artist's legal works across the web. Sparkmesh can help you address that gap.

How Do I Get Started?

Artist moderation is now live! To get verified, register as a normal user, then click the verify tab under Settings and write a quick explanation telling us how we can verify it's actually you. Get in touch with the site administration before submitting the form (admin@sparkmesh.com) for the fastest possible process. Multiple accounts may be granted moderator privileges if - for example - you have a manager, or social media manager, you would like to have included as well.

This is a brand new beta feature, so let us know if you run into any snags! Right now artists can edit anything on their page and use our automated refresh at will. They can also make announcements that will appear on their page and on all following users' home feeds, and be sent out via email. Think of it as a quick replacement for an email list, especially for announcements that might not quite be big enough to run a full campaign. Many more features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

How can Sparkmesh help media sites?

Sparkmesh helps to put all legal media sites on an equal footing. Whether you're a TV channel hosting an official performance, a magazine hosting an exclusive premiere, or an artist's official site, Sparkmesh lets you directly reach an artist's fans without resorting to hoping search and social media algorithms push your content to the top.

Questions, comments?

We'd love to hear from you as the site enters beta! To get in touch, just email suggestions@sparkmesh.com.

Want to work for Sparkmesh?

Sparkmesh is currently pre-launch and is not focused on hiring at the moment, but if you're really excited about what you see, get in touch! We are particularly interested in any front-end or full-stack Rails engineers. No particular experience or geographic restrictions - but have some way to show you are passionate about music, organizing things, and/or web development (ideally all three!) To get in touch about hiring, email jobs@sparkmesh.com.