Community Policy
Sparkmesh encourages user submission of events and links, creation of threads relating to artists and genres, and community discussion. We strive to create an inclusive, welcoming, and fun community. To accomplish this, we ask that everyone abide by the following guidelines.
Post Kindly
Please remember that other humans are on the receiving end of your comments. Everyone has a right to use Sparkmesh without harrassment, bullying, or threats of violence.
- Hate comments and posts related to identity or vulnerability are prohibited.
- Posts and comments promoting or glorifying violence are prohibited.
- Posts and comments promoting or glorifying terrorism or violent extremism are prohibited.
- Posts and comments promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm are prohibited.
Respect Privacy
Do not reveal, or threaten to reveal, personal or confidential information about other users (aka "doxxing"). Do not post intimate media of other users. Do not post intimate media of content creators unless it is an original work released by the creator or with their full consent.
No Illegal Content
Do not post links to illegal media, either as primary links or in comments sections. Do not engage in, solicit, or facilitate illegal or otherwise prohibited transactions.
No Off-Topic Explicit Content
Do not post sexually explicit content unless it is an original release from a creator, or released with their permission, and in an unaltered form. If posting explicit or suggestive content, make sure it is not misleadingly labeled.
No Explicit Content Involving Minors
Do not post or solicit sexually explicit or suggestive content involving minors in any context or capacity.
Do Not Deceive
Posting anonymously is fine, but do not impersonate an individual or an entity in a misleading or deceptive manner. Do not spam. Do not cheat or manipulate voting systems, evade bans, or create fraudulent user accounts. Do not deceptively share synthetic or manipulated media.
Don't Break Sparkmesh
Do not break the site, or do anything that interferes with other users' ability to use the site. If you discover a significant bug in the site, please contact Sparkmesh at
Sparkmesh will generally attempt to communicate with users that are not following the community policies for a first minor offense. However, moderators may escalate immediately depending on the severity and intent of the offense.
- Sparkmesh may limit or revoke the posting privileges of users that are not abiding by these policies at any time.
- Sparkmesh may remove any individual content from the site at any time.
- Sparkmesh may deactivate entire artist pages or even close genre communities at any time.
Contact Us
Sparkmesh welcomes your questions or comments regarding our Community Policy. Please contact Sparkmesh at:
2110 Acton St. Apt #3
Berkeley, California 94702
Last update as of August 4, 2020